From right to left: photos of Kangaroo Paw flower blossoming, peaceful Western Australia beach, Monarch butterfly alights on healing hands, warm ocean laps over white sands of clarity under clear blue skies, Love is Letting Go of Fear Support Group

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Welcome to
Attitudinal Healing
Western Australia!

We are happy to be a part of the larger community of Attitudinal Healing International, a multicultural community of individuals that is global in scope with common goals rooted in the Principles of Attitudinal Healing.

Attitudinal Healing Western Australia (AHWA) provides ongoing educational and support services, including support groups and trainings, to the community of the greater Perth metropolitan area in Western Australia.

This presentation was part of the Dementia Partnership Project Symposium on
27 October 2015. For more information about the Dementia Partnership Project,

"Change your life using Attitudinal Healing, as it changed mine" Benny Reuben


  1. The Essence Of Our Being Is Love
  2. Health Is Inner Peace, Healing Is Letting Go Of Fear
  3. Giving And Receiving Are The Same
  4. We Can Let Go Of The Past And Of The Future
  5. Now Is The Only Time There Is And Each Instant Is For Giving
  6. We Can Learn To Love Ourselves And Others By Forgiving Rather Than Judging
  7. We Can Become Love Finders Rather Than Fault-Finders
  8. We Can Choose And Direct Ourselves To Be Peaceful Inside Regardless Of What Is Happening Outside
  9. We Are Students And Teachers To Each Other
  10. We Can Focus On The Whole Of Life Rather Than The Fragments
  11. Since Love Is Eternal, Death Need Not Be Viewed As Fearful
  12. We Can Always Perceive Others As Either Extending Love Or Giving A Call For Help