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About Us

Attitudinal Healing Western Australia (Inc.) (AHWA) is an independent, not for profit, community service organisation registered as an Association under the Western Australian Associations Incorporation Act, 2015.

Attitudinal Healing Western Australia Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide educational and support services to the community in the greater Perth metropolitan area of Western Australia, using the Principles of Attitudinal Healing.

What is Attitudinal Healing?

Attitudinal Healing is based on the principle that it is not other people or situations that cause us distress. Rather, it is our own thoughts and attitudes that are responsible for our distress, and the actions we take as a result of those thoughts and attitudes can hurt us.

Healing results when we concentrate on changing our own attitudes rather than trying to change the attitudes of others. Thus, the goal of Attitudinal Healing is self-healing in the face of each life challenge.

The AH Peer Support Group Model provides practical tools and a support structure for becoming more aware of our own inner processes and for making moment-by-moment choices more consciously.  The goal is not to change behaviour, but to retrain and refocus our own minds – the most powerful instruments of change we possess.


More details, background and information on Attitudinal Healing can be found under the "Resources" tab which contains reference links and audio podcasts.

History of AHWA - Perth, Western Australia

Attitudinal Healing Western Australia (AHWA) was established in May 2010, separating from the Perth based Centre for Attitudinal Healing, to focus more exclusively on providing Attitudinal Healing education, training, support groups and programmes in the greater Perth metropolitan area of Western Australia.

The programmes are based on the principles of Attitudinal Healing and seek to assist individuals to choose and direct their lives in ways that give meaning and bring fulfilment to their relationships and life situations.

The programmes are mainly delivered from Attitudinal Healing Western Australia’s premises at 6 Hickey Street, Ardross, located in the greater Perth metropolitan area, although some are provided in other venues as appropriate.


Attitudinal Healing programmes are open to people from all traditions and cultural beliefs. They are offered in a supportive environment and allow participants to discover that as we learn to change our attitudes and change our minds, we change our lives.

Attitudinal Healing Western Australia is a volunteer organization and depends solely on the work and efforts of its members and volunteer friends. There are no paid positions. Membership of AHWA is open to all who are interested in living, and promoting, the benefits of Attitudinal Healing.

Attitudinal Healing Western Australia is affiliated with Attitudinal Healing International which was founded by Diane Cirincione and Jerry Jampolsky. Jerry was the founder of Attitudinal Healing and is a psychiatrist and author of a number of best selling books on Attitudinal Healing. These are available from the resources link of our website.

We welcome your support and attendance at any of our programmes!

What is AHWA doing?

In the Perth metropolitan area, AHWA conducts a number of programs including peer support groups primarily using the Principles of Attitudinal Healing as foundations for well-being.

AHWA also provides training and facilitators for guiding volunteers in the support of aged care residents and those living with dementia. This support is largely in the form of the volunteers providing one-on-one companionship with aged care residents experiencing social isolation and those living with dementia. As well as using Attitudinal Healing principles, the training program extensively use the concepts of the Memory Bridge Foundation. A number of AHWA facilitators have attended Memory Bridge training courses.

AHWA has also brought international speakers to Perth, in particular on several occasions over the last few years; Trish Ellis, AHI’s International Communications Coordinator and Michael Verde, the founder of Memory Bridge. Both have given highly regarded presentations throughout the metropolitan area mainly for and at local government venues, including City of Melville, City of Belmont and many others, as well as Alzheimer’s WA.

On the 26th January 2018, AHWA was presented with the Australia Day Award for Community Group of the Year in recognition of its “outstanding contribution to the City of Melville community” and was also presented with an “Active Citizenship Award” for fostering Australian pride and spirit through active citizenship and outstanding contribution to the community.

AHWA would like to acknowledge grants and assistance past and present from City of Melville, Connect Groups, Alzheimer’s WA and RAAFA Bull Creek in the continuance of these programs.

AHWA Management Committee

The Management Committee is elected by AHWA members at the Annual  General  Meeting.  The term of election for both office bearers and ordinary members is 12 months.

The current Management Committee members and Office Bearers are as follows: 


Blair Hebenton.

Blair is a full time practising solicitor and is principal with a WA law firm. He has has experience and involvement with Attitudinal Healing for many years.


Stephen Halvorsen. 

Steve has been involved with Attitudinal healing for many years and is a past Treasurer of The Centre for Attitudinal Healing in Perth. He is a retired professional engineer with over 30year's experience in construction and project management and was most recently practicing as a consultant in those fields.

Management Committee Member

Judith Reuben. 

Judith has been involved in Attitudinal Healing for 20 years and was the Treasurer for The Centre for Attitudinal Healing for 12 years. She is a qualified pharmacist, has professional training in healthcare and is a partner in the family business Textile Traders.

Deputy Chair

Benny Reuben.

Benny has been involved with Attitudinal Healing for many years and was the President of The Centre for Attitudinal Healing in Perth between 2006 and 2010. He is Managing Director of Textile Traders, a business he started over 25 years ago.

Programs Coordinator

Patricia Halvorsen. 
Trish is a trained educator and facilitator. She has been involved in Attitudinal Healing as a student, facilitator and presenter for the last 20 years. She has over 20 year's experience as a teacher and early childhood Advisor. Her experience ranges from Early Childhood and Primary teaching through to facilitating personal development courses in Adult Education.


Douglas Chandler. 

Doug has been involved with AHWA since early 2013. He has a Diploma in Accountancy and worked as a company accountant for 25 years. He is now retired.

Management Committee Member

Lyndel Hebenton.

Lyndel has been involved with Attitudinal Healing for many years, over 15 of these as a facilitator. As a trained nurse, she has many year’s of diverse experience, including 2 years in Turkey.


Everyone is welcome to join! Enjoy the benefits of regular updates about courses, retreats and planned programs. To become a member, simply fill out our Membership Page or Application Form and post or email to the address on the form.

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